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Information for Prospective Collaborators & Research Partners

Our lab frequently collaborates with colleagues across the University of Virginia and cleft/craniofacial teams across the US.

Nearly all of our projects are conducted with one or more collaborators, both within and outside the field of speech pathology. We have found that projects are strengthened when intellectual and resource contributions come from multiple disciplines. If you are interested in collaborating or just want to find out more about our research, please contact the lab director.

Current Collaborators

Information for Prospective Students

Interested in Joining the Lab?
  • Undergraduate Students

    The laboratory often has positions for UVA undergraduate students during the academic year and summer. Undergraduates can conduct research in the lab as volunteers or for academic credit.

    If interested in participating in the lab as an undergraduate research assistant, please complete the application below. Please reach out to the lab manager with any questions.

  • Students in their first year of their graduate program may opt to do a Master’s thesis. The Imaging & Communication Outcomes Lab can support these clinical students in their research aspirations. Contact Dr. Mason if you are interested in conducting a thesis project.

    Paid graduate reserach assistantships are additionally available on a limited basis for qualified graduate students.

  • The PhD degree in Communication Sciences & Disorders is designed to train the next generation of researchers to understand and explore the challenges that individuals with communication and swallowing disorders experience.

    The Ph.D. program in Speech Communication Disorders at the University of Virginia is committed to training the next generation of clinical practice researchers. The mission of the Speech Communication Disorders doctoral program is graduating independent researchers capable of producing original and important scholarly works through disciplinary and interdisciplinary practice-oriented clinical research.

    The program provides research, teaching, and professional-serve experiences to establish the skill sets necessary for a successful career as a scientist, scholar, and teacher. The fundamental goal of the program is to graduate independent researchers capable of producing original and important scholarly works through disciplinary and interdisciplinary research in a career as a scientist. Full graduate assistantship and funding (tuition + stipend) are available for qualified and meritorious applicants to pursue doctoral work.

    The Imaging & Communication Outcomes Research Laboratory seeks outstanding scholars to join our research team as PhD students. Please refer to our doctoral program’s website for more information on our PhD program.

    Contact Dr. Kazlin Mason if you are interested in working in the Imaging & Communication Outcomes Research Lab. Prior to reaching out, please look through my publications, projects, and research interests; if your research interests are similar, please contact me to schedule a time to discuss current or future opportunities.

Service Initiatives

Local, state, national, and international educational outreach and service is an integral part of our lab’s mission. The lab supports and organizes a number of opportunities for UVA students to use their knowledge and skills to make a difference in our community, local organizations across Virginia and the United States, and abroad.

Volunteer with Smiles International Foundation

Our lab frequently travels on short-term mission trips to developing countries where we have the opportunity to work as part of a multidisciplinary team. We complete evaluations of velopharyngeal function, provide input regarding which patients are optimal candidates for primary and secondary surgeries and are heavily involved in patient/family education. If you are interested in traveling with us on an upcoming mission, please contact the lab director.

  • Opportunities occur bi-annually
  • Students may have the opportunity to travel with Dr. Mason through a competitive application process.

Participate in World Voice Day

Each April, our lab participates in collaborative World Voice Day events. World Voice Day is an annual event that is devoted to the celebration of the phenomenon of voice throughout the world. The aim of this initiative is to demonstrate the enormous importance of the voice in the daily lives of all people. Our lab is involved in coordinating informational, educational, and outreach events in collaboration with the UVA community, UVA Health Voice & Swallowing Center, UVA NSSLHA Chapter, and the Communication Sciences & Disorders program.

Please reach out to Dr. Mason if you would like to participate in any events or have ideas for events.


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